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868 W. Woodland Lake Rd. 1574 S. Julia Lane
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Arizona White Mountains Business & Property For Sale
The sale of Pico’s Nursery, Inc. includes the following:

The following list of Pico’s equipment gives an estimate as to equipment current value. These figures are only an approximation. Any prospective buyers of Pico’s must satisfy themselves as to their own assessment of the value of this set of equipment.
Miscellaneous tools$3,000
Computers and software$10,000
Phone system$1,000
Base sale. Pico’s Nursery and Landscaping Inc. is a corporation with 26 years of business success with experienced employees, substantial customer base, management methods, a seven computer network and records, and an excellent reputation. Included in the sale are three acres comprised of six contiguous lots, a retail store, greenhouse, lath house, tree racks and bins, sheds for landscaping material, trucks, tractors, trailers, etc. Also included is $100,000 at cost of an inventory of trees, shrubs, flowers, pottery, other garden center store items, irrigation parts, and other landscaping items. This inventory amount varies during the course of a year.

The sale also includes a one bedroom home, a guest house and a much admired garden. The one bedroom home could also serve as an office as could the guest house. Price for the above is $ 736,000.

Optional additional purchase. This consists of the corner lot and four bedroom home across Julia Lane from the main nursery property. It is currently used as an office for the business. The price for this lot and home is $200,000.

Real Estate. The original purchase of Pico’s consisted of five lots on the attached (232, 231, 230, 226 and 227).

The original owner of the Woodland Lake sub-division specifically exempted these five lots from all restrictions in the CC&R’s. Because of this exemption and because of a conditional use permit from the county, issued before Pinetop-Lakeside was incorporated, Pico’s is able to use all five of these lots for a commercial business. This set-up has recently been reviewed by the planning and zoning department of the Town and reaffirmed in writing.

As Pico’s grew, we purchased lot 233 and later lot 1 with its house which we converted to office use. These two lots were already zoned commercial.

The CC&R exemption also adds to the property’s long range development possibilities.
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